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BIGBANG 13th Anniversary Fan Event

My first time to attend a fan event ever! I've been listening to kpop for years now but never got to this point. I only like and love 3 kpop groups: 2ne1, Bigbang and 2PM. You'll know my age probably as they are all 2nd gen groups. Hihihi 2ne1 songs paved the way for me… Continue reading BIGBANG 13th Anniversary Fan Event

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Let’s Not Fall In Love: Just Stay

The song came out fantastic They said it's about us. Teasing everywhere, it's making me sick But you and I didn't make a fuss. We're not lovers but we bicker like a couple. Whenever there's a guy that likes me, I'm always going to be in trouble. I get jealous like there's something between you… Continue reading Let’s Not Fall In Love: Just Stay

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Always been her, huh?

There you go again, Caught you staring in space. Noticed you've been avoiding my embrace. Are we always going to be like this, 'til when? Something's bothering you, I know. I just have this weird feeling inside. It's irking me that I can't hide Just thinking of it, giving me vertigo. Please let me know… Continue reading Always been her, huh?

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That Daragon Moment – Krungy’s POV

In the middle of a merry party, Suddenly remembered my phone and had to check. Went outside to see the sky so starry. Received an unexpected text while sitting on the deck. Worried, I hurriedly replied "what's up?" I quickly realized, I shouldn't have done that. Heart's beating fast again, this I gotta stop. Anxious,… Continue reading That Daragon Moment – Krungy’s POV

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Daragon Moment – Jiyongie’s POV

Hey you there, I need to see you but I can't. I'm miles away and you are there I utter your name repeatedly more like a chant. Instinctively, I send you a message to know if you're enjoying his party. I feel like walking in a narrow dark passage, Imagining your happiness in his company.… Continue reading Daragon Moment – Jiyongie’s POV